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Le Zampette d'Argento....

Mya Million Dollar Baby

Figli di multi Ch Mathilda

Edel Silke

Olyvia Hunting Princess

Lothus Limited Hunting Edition

Humbert Greygosth in The Fog

Hektor Be The Best You Can Be

Margot Sweet Diamond Thief

Penelope Paint It Rose

Anya Dressed By The Moon

Grace Kelly Grey Passion

Viky Viking Queens

Dexter Midsummer Nights Dream

Dylan One on A Million

Iron Born To Be Wild

BlueBaylis Stron As You Are

Baldo Braveheart

Dorian Grey Moonlight Shadow

King Thiago Like A Royal Baby

Goran Six Silver Among The Stars

Anastasia Fifty Shades Of Grey

Gioia Gossip Girl

Daezee Dreaming Carribean Nights

BerthaSilver Bombshell

Kymberley Light And Love

Figli di multi Ch Mya Million Dollar Baby

April Wolken Blume

Geena Snowhite in The Silver Night

Demon Hunter Paint It Blue

Lighting McQueen Silver Flash

Kobe Bryant El Gaucho

Playdough Pongo The Quintessence

Captain Harlock Its Black

Figli di Anastasia Fifty Shades of Grey

Sveva Sexylady Stardust

Fifty Shadow Carribean Pearl

Silverjoy My Chloe' C'est Chic

Am JJ Jordan Coast To Coast

American Rush Lovely Dream

Great Arthur Fifty Shades of Silverjoy

Figli di Margot Sweet Diamonds Thief

Iaco The Great Hope Dream

The Japanese Colour of Happiness: Kiiro

Sweet Brave Zume The World Will Be Yours

Silverjoy Sweet Californication Christian Grey

A Wise King Never Seek Out War Thor

Like Mother, Like Daughter Olimpia

The Sound of my Soul:Yankee Rose

Zen Grau Shut Up And Kiss Myazz